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Mission Statement

Mission statement SSAMM Education

Asset Management is defined in the ISO55000 as all coordinated activities to realize value from assets.

Realizations of value will normally involve a balancing of costs, risks, opportunities and performance.

Our mission is act likewise and serve our customers with our quote:

“The Art Of Balancing Costs, Risks and Performance”


SSAMM-Continous Learning Program

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Our research partner

We collaborate closely with our research and educational partner Sustainable Asset Management.


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SSAMM Education

SSAMMeducation is an international education center wihin the field of Asset & Maintenance Management.

Our Continuous Learning Program covers several courses to help professionals in their ambition to deepening their knowledge or to build up their career.

Our learning programs are in Dutch and English.


Our frameworks

Our courses are state of- the-art programmes in Asset Management & Maintenance management built on the framework of the NEN-ISO 55000.

Our programmes aim to train professionals that can monetize physical assets through the employment of engineering skills, leadership skills and 21stcentury skills. The programme is executed from the perspective of the ‘Line-of- Sight’ – from policy to operational execution – to ensure performance on the whole life cycle of physical assets.

Used reference frameworks are  for example the ‘Institute of Asset management’ (IAM) and the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS) are being respected for respectively the Asset Management, Maintenance within Physical Asset Management and Maintenance Management.


Target Audience

Our professionals are primarily active in the field of civil engineering, build and industrial environment.

For example working as Asset Manager in the field of Asset Management, Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Engineer or Strategical Asset management working in the development of maintenance of projects.

They see multidisciplinary cooperation as a decisive success factor for innovation.


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