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Mission Statement

Mission statement SSAMM Education

Asset Management is defined in the ISO55000 as all coordinated activities to realize value from assets.

Realizations of value will normally involve a balancing of costs, risks, opportunities and performance.

Our mission is act likewise and serve our customers with our quote:

“The Art Of Balancing Costs, Risks and Performance”


SSAMM-Continous Learning Program

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Our research partner

We collaborate closely with our research and educational partner Sustainable Asset Management.


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We are delighted to announce our representative/envoy of SSAMM.NL Jan Stoker will deliver his performance at the Polskie Naukowo-Techniczne Towarzystwo Eksploatacyjne – Komisja Cyfrowego Modelowania Eksploatacji

His main topic is Asset & Maintenance Management amidst the Industry 5.0 and how to respond to these exciting technological developments combined with mhis lecture material of the Cranfield University Data Driven Asset Management.

We live in one of the most inspiring timeframes for our future Asset and Maintenance Managers, -Technicians and -Engineers. This timeframe is full of choices to make and create a sustainable future. Now at the end of Industry 4.0, it is time to reconsider the role of the human factor, resilience and the sustainability in an increasing smart technological environment.

Main topics are Industry 5.0, Asset Management 5.0, Maintenance 5.0, Digital readiness, Artificial Intelligence and Asset management, Digital Line of Sight, The IR5.0 elephant in the room, ChatGPT and Maintenance and more…

It encourages him to overthink and discuss how to educate, train and motivate our nowadays professionals and NextGen’s how to prepare them in this complex timeframe. The Asset Performance conference is the place to be in this and present thoughts and ideas.


October 9
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
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