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  • Alignment of Industrial Revolutions and A&MM
            Author: Ing. Jan Stoker MSc. MEng. 1. Alignment ISO55000 based The dynamic journey of industrial revolutions encapsulates a saga of relentless innovation and refined operational paradigms that have continually remodeled the landscapes of Asset and Maintenance Management. The interaction between these domains not only unfolds a tale of advancing methodologies but also of enhanced capability and … Read more
  • Digital Twin: Deepening the subject
              Author: Ing. Jan Stoker MSc. MEng.  1. Introduction The transition into Industry 5.0 marks an era where human intelligence converges with technological prowess to drive optimum efficiency and innovation across various industrial sectors. Central to this evolution is the advent of Digital Twin technology, especially in the realm of Asset and Maintenance Management. This piece … Read more
  • Maintenance Management 5.0: Deepening the subject
          Author: Ing. Jan Stoker MSc. MEng.   1. Alignment of Maintenance Management and the Industry timeframe’s.  The inexorable march of industrial revolutions from Industry 1.0 to the impending Industry 5.0 has been mirrored by the evolution of Maintenance Management paradigms. The alignment of these paradigms with their respective industrial eras is not merely a reactive adaptation, but a … Read more
  • The Digital Line of Sight: Deepening The Subject
    The research is focused on the role of Maintenance Management as one of the four fundamental basic principals of Asset Management as defined in the NEN-ISO 55000. The reason is that the ISO 55000 Maintenance Management regarded as one of the four fundamental pillars of Asset Management. Despite the fact that the standard defines a Asset in such a way that … Read more
  • The Asset & Maintenance Management Pyramid
              Author: Ing. Jan Stoker MSc. MEng.    In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the importance of maintenance cannot be overstated. Effective maintenance strategies are the cornerstone of seamless operations, minimizing downtime, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring safety. Over the years, maintenance approaches have undergone significant transformation, and at the heart of this evolution lies the … Read more
  • Maintenance Engineer; onmisbaar voor Asset Management
    Voor Jan Stoker staat het buiten kijf: Maintenance-Engineers zijn essentieel voor een stabiele en veilige infrastructuur in ons land. Jan is dan ook de trekker van de werving van maar liefst 7 Maintenance Engineers voor West Nederland Noord. Author: Ing. Jan Stoker MSc. MEng.  Jan Stoker ademt Asset- en Maintenance management. Ooit begonnen als onderhoudsmonteur is hij, via diverse functies … Read more
  • The Asset Management BowTie
            With the insights of the draft version EN-17485; Maintenance within physical asset management – Framework for improving the value of the physical assets through their whole life cycle, figure one of this standard gives a inspiring visual of the links between other standards. A closer look of this figure leads to a significance of the “Asset … Read more
  • Assetmanagement – een Anatomie 2021 NL
    De anatomie is een startpunt voor mensen die inzicht willen krijgen in assetmanagement. Er zijn uitstekende leerboeken en trainingen; deze anatomie is geen van beide! De anatomie is een inleiding in het vakgebied in het algemeen en in het toepassingsgebied van de individuele assetmanagementonderwerpen. Doel van de anatomie De anatomie is een startpunt voor mensen die inzicht willen krijgen in … Read more
  • RCM Principles
    While many industrial organizations were expanding PM efforts to nearly all other assets, the airline industry, led by the efforts of Nowlan and Heap, took a different approach and developed a maintenance process based on system functions, consequence of failure, and failure modes. Their work led to the development of Reliability-Centered Maintenance, first published in 1978 and sponsored by the … Read more
  • Industry 5.0
          Industry 5.0 has its roots in the concept of “Industry 4.0,” which has been coined in Germany in 2011 as a future project and part of the country’s high-tech strategy to be commonly adopted by business, science and decision-makers. It was originally linked to how and to what extent the country had succeeded during the first decade … Read more
  • Reliability, Failure Rate, MTTF and more..
  • PE Onderhoudskundig Inspecteurs en adviseurs BOEI
    1.Voor wie is het PE-programma voor inspecteurs en adviseurs BOEI opgezet en wat is het doel hiervan? Het PE-programma is bestemd voor Onderhoudskundig Inspecteurs en Onderhoudskundige Adviseurs BOEI met een achtergrond in de disciplines bouwkunde, klimaatinstallaties, elektrotechnische installaties of transportinstallaties. Het programma van Permanente Educatie heeft als doel de kennis en vaardigheden van onderhoudskundig inspecteurs BOEI en Onderhoudskundig adviseurs BOEI … Read more
  • Graduation!!
    SSAMM education is an international education centre. Our profession is to help professional to help them in their ambition s in the field of Asset and maintenance. Our courses are basically in English but also in our Dutch native language. Please explore our study guide to get more insight in our courses.