Mission Statement SSAMM:

Asset Management is the art of balancing Costs, Risks and Performance. 

Our mission is integrated, and the foundation, for the SSAMM Continuous Learning Line. Our framework is the ISO5500 and the standards it drives. Based on figure 1 of this standard, we have developed our Continuous LearningLine Asset & Maintenance according to the ‘Line of Sight’ principle.

Because costs are seen as a contribution to Strategic Asset Management, these three themes are part of our learning lines. These themes have been made leading for the SSAMM didactic framework in four modules and form the basis for all our learning lines.

Below the four themes are briefly described. Please check the course descriptions and find out more detail information concerning our assessment programs. 

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Module 1: Strategic Asset Management

Block 1 is the ‘Business’ theme. In order to optimize assets within organizations the student learns about the operation and principles of strategic Asset & Maintenance Management on strategic, tactical and operational level. By using frameworks derived of the Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) students create value, by using applied research methods, for organizations according to their mission, vision and strategy.  To do so reliable and valid information is requested so another key element is Business Intelligence.

Module 2: Risk Assessment

Module two embraces Risk- and Safety Assessment to gain insight into possible failure patterns to identify and manage risks. Based on quantitative and qualitative numbers regarding Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety analyses. The outcome of the Risk Management is an integral part of Life Cycle Management and optimizes processes and/or products with the aim of creating value for organizations and their physical asset lifetime.

Module 3: Performance

Module 3: Mentioning the mission statement; Asset Management is the art of balancing cost, risks and performance. In this block all former gained knowledge comes together to create ‘performance’ based in the principles of Industry 4.0.

The optimal balance between Maintenance Management and the technical condition of physical assets during their lifetime contribute to increased asset performance. By practising Predictive Maintenance (Management) as part of Maintenance Management combines all the knowledge  to achieve the balance.

Module 4: Assessment

Module 4: In final assessment, the student applies all the acquired knowledge in their own working environment. This approach must lead to business improvement, create value for the company and pay back the company investment.

Continuous learning Program Asset & Maintenance Management

The Continuous Learning Program Asset & Maintenance Management is derived from the EU program “The European Qualifications Framework For LifeLong Learing (EQF)”. The SSAMM Continoues Larning program framework Asset & Maintenance Management is shown in the blue widget.