Mission Statement SSAMM:

Asset Management is the art of balancing Costs, Risks and Performance. 

The SSAMM mission is an integral part of the SSAMM Continuous Learning Programs. The framework of the SSAMM Continuous Learning Programs are the ISO55000 series and the standards that drive it.

Based on the paradigm (model) developed by our research partner, the SSAMM Continuous Learning Programs are set up with a module structure and considered as a closed system. This model is a further development of figure 1 ISO55000 and consists of four modules named after the Asset Management themes, Business, Risk, Performance and Business Plan.

Using the ‘Line of Sight’ principle, the four modules are integrally formed into a single whole (Asset Management) system. By integrating the ‘Industry 4.0’ body of thoughts, the results of these themes come together so that the right decisions can be taken to achieve the balance in these themes.


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Each module consists of two core subjects supplemented by a number of supporting subjects such as methodology, professional skills and reporting skills.  The four modules are briefly explained below. View the course descriptions and take note of our test plans.

Module 1, Business: Strategic Asset Management (SAM) & Business Intelligence (BI)

Module 1 is the ‘Business’ theme. We start with this theme in which the participant gets acquainted with the functioning and principles of an organization, in order to make Asset Management function and perform optimally. Central to this are the subjects of Asset Management and Business Intelligence. Along the lines of the Strategic Asset Management Plan, value is created for the organization in line with the mission, vision and strategy. Information about processes and products is essential in order to make the right strategic choices. The course ‘Business Intelligence’ focuses on the value of reliable and valid information at the various organizational levels and how to aggregate this to useful information to make the right decisions.

Module 2, Risk Assessment: Risk Assessment (RA) & Life Cycle Management (LCM)

Module 2 has the theme of Risk Assessment. Risk Assessment provides insight into possible failure patterns in order to identify risks. Central to this module are the subjects of Risk Assessment and Life Cycle Management. Based on quantitative and qualitative analysis on the topics of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety, risks are quantified. These risks are a fundamental starting point to define the right maintenance measures during the entire life cycle. The acquired insights form the basis for Life Cycle Management to optimize processes and/or products during their life cycle in order to create value for the organization. Key concepts here are sustainability, climate and the energy transition, which makes the Sustainable Development Goals central. 

Module 3, Performance: Asset & Maintenance Management (A&MM) & Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Module 3 revolves around the theme of Performance. In this module Asset Management in relation to Maintenance Management are central. In this module all previously acquired knowledge comes together to create ‘performance’ and consists of the subjects Asset & Maintenance management and Predictive Maintenance.  The Asset & Maintenance Management course deals with the Asset Management phenomenon according to the ISO55000 series and the role of maintenance (Maintenance Management) in this. With Industry 4.0 as context, the course Maintenance Management is given on the basis of Predictive Maintenance as the upper form of maintenance management.


Module 4, Business Plan

Module 4 covers the knowledge of the three themes and applies them in the participant’s own work environment to produce a Business Plan. The Business Plan to be prepared by the participant should lead to value creation for the company and repay the participant’s business investment.

Continuous learning Program Asset & Maintenance Management

The Continuous Learning Program Asset & Maintenance Management is derived from the EU program “The European Qualifications Framework For LifeLong Learing (EQF)”. The SSAMM Continoues Larning Program framework Asset & Maintenance Management is shown in the blue widget.