The winner of the Dutch Thesis Award 2024: Mingxin Li



Unveiling Innovations in Maintenance Management: The Maintenance PhD Thesis Award 2024

The realm of maintenance management in the Netherlands has always been a cornerstone for ensuring operational excellence and sustainability within various industries. Recognizing the paramount importance of innovative research in this field, the Maintenance PhD Thesis Award emerges as a beacon of acknowledgment and encouragement for scholars delving into groundbreaking studies. This prestigious accolade, a collaborative initiative between NVDO (Dutch Association for Effective Maintenance) and WCM (World Class Maintenance), is designed to spotlight and reward the most innovative doctoral research that significantly contributes to advancing the Dutch maintenance sector.

The significance of the award extends beyond national borders, as the victor is automatically nominated for the EuroMaintenance PhD Award by the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS). This not only elevates the recognition of the research on an international scale but also highlights the Netherlands’ commitment to excellence in maintenance and asset management.

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1. Spotlight on the 2024 Nominees

The year 2024 sees a trio of exceptional nominees, each bringing forward a thesis that could potentially reshape aspects of maintenance management through their innovative approaches and insightful findings.

2. Dr. Nina Trauernicht: Coordinating Complex Decisions in the Dutch Railway

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 Dr. Trauernicht’s thesis, “Coordinated Interorganizational Decision-Making in Dutch Railway Context,” delves into the intricate web of decision-making required in managing the Dutch railway system’s complex projects. In an era where public transportation, especially railways, is under pressure to enhance safety, reliability, and interconnectedness.
Dr. Trauernicht emphasizes the need for seamless integration of system entities. Her research critically examines the prevailing one-size-fits-all approach to project management and proposes a nuanced perspective that addresses the multifaceted nature of railway system projects. Through her two-pronged research, she offers innovative strategies for improving inter-organizational project coordination, thereby facilitating more effective decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.


3. Dr. Mingxin Li: Enhancing Offshore Wind Farms Maintenance Logistics

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In his groundbreaking thesis, “Towards Closed-loop Maintenance Logistics for Offshore Wind Farms,” Dr. Li addresses the pressing need for optimizing maintenance logistics in the rapidly expanding sector of offshore wind farms. With Europe’s offshore wind capacity projected to reach a staggering 450 GW by 2050, the imperative for efficient Operations and Maintenance (O&M) practices has never been more critical.

Dr. Li’s research introduces a novel open-loop predictive opportunistic maintenance strategy, adeptly navigating the uncertainties inherent in maintenance logistics. His work not only quantifies the impact of these uncertainties on maintenance performance but also paves the way toward a closed-loop maintenance strategy, significantly reducing potential revenue losses and enhancing the sustainability of offshore wind energy production.


4. Dr. Ipek Dursun: Optimizing Maintenance and Spare Parts Management

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 Dr. Dursun’s dissertation, “Maintenance Optimization and Spare Parts Management in Data-Integrated Environments,” takes a deep dive into the crucial role of efficient maintenance and spare parts management in ensuring the reliability of capital goods.
Her research bifurcates into two distinct yet interrelated realms: maintenance optimization policies under the cloud of model uncertainty and the strategic management of spare parts utilizing advance demand information (ADI). Dr. Dursun’s work is particularly relevant in the context of service providers for capital goods, offering a robust framework for maintenance optimization and spare parts management that promises significant cost reductions and enhanced service levels.


5. Wrap-Up

The Maintenance PhD Thesis Award 2024 stands as a testament to the vibrant research landscape within the Dutch maintenance sector. The nominated theses by Dr. Trauernicht, Dr. Li, and Dr. Dursun showcase the breadth and depth of innovation that is poised to transform maintenance practices across various industries. As the maintenance community eagerly anticipates the announcement of the winner, it is clear that each nominee has already made a substantial contribution to the field. Their research not only addresses current challenges but also sets the stage for future innovations in maintenance and asset management, reinforcing the Netherlands’ position as a global leader in this critical domain.



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